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These days trails is so much more than just traditional outdoor rock hopping. It's faster, it's gnarlier and it embraces aspects from many different disciplines. The Hell Team recognise this and by teaming with Flair Action Sports they are driving Trials in a new direction, and to a new generation of riders.


The Hell Team retails new trials motorbikes from Gas Gas (the choice of the Flair Action Sports Riders), Scorpa, Jotagas, & Mecatecno kids electric trials bikes, and Trials push bikes from Inspired, Zoo and Echo. They also stock many and varied brands of Trials accessories, and parts, as well as all brands of 2nd hand bikes.


The Hell Team are available to answer any questions you may have regarding Trials Motorcycles, or MotoTrials in general. Find their contact details on their website below.






Facebook: The-Hell-Team




Gas Gas


Gas Gas Motos Spain have been building motorcycles since 1985 and now export to over 45 countries throughout the world. Gas Gas new state of the art factory, located in Spain produces hands down the best trials motorcycles in the world.


Here at Flair Action Sports we put more stress on a Trials Motorcycle in one week than most would in a lifetime. Our trials motorcycles are ridden on harsh, oversized man made terrains, that push our riders and their machines to their absolute limits. Our Gas Gas trials bikes are jumped on freestyle ramps at distances of over 75ft, they are backflipped in concrete skateparks and ridden in the harshest environments Australia has to offer. Here at Flair Action sports, bike failure is simply not an option and that's why we put our Gambling trust in GasGas.


Whether you are a beginner, a hardcore natural terrain rockhopper or a future freestyle trials world champion, a GasGas Trials Motorcycle has the quality, power and performance you can rely on.


GasGas Trials Motorcycles are imported into Australia by The Hell Team.






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